Almost every village in Lhuntse boasts of festivals that are unique and distinct from those in other communities in Bhutan. Two notable festivals are the Cha and the Ha festivals.


They are celebrated to honor the deities and avert misfortunes. However, the most important festival is the annual three-day festival normally celebrated in November. During the Tsechus attendees can cleanse their sins by watching masked dances and can also receive blessings from sacred relics that are publicly displayed.

One of the most interesting and visually appealing aspects of these Tsechus is the colourful attire of Kushithara that Lhuentse is known for. You will come across various intricate and beautiful patterns of Kira and rich ornaments on display.

Lhuntse is one of the easternmost districts in Bhutan and borders Tibet. As the ancestral home of our Kings, it hosts a number of important and sacred monuments. The most important amongst these is Lhuntse Dzong, a majestic fortress that sits upon a high ridge overlooking the Kurichu River.